See the Excel file CNV-FatNumberGDPCostCalculator3.  This Excel spreadsheet can be used to calculate the aggregate macroeconomic cost of the coronavirus crisis.  It can be used for any country.  The inputs are the 2019 value of nominal GDP, a pre-crisis real GDP growth rate forecast for 2020, the number of months that the economic disruption is going to last for, and the share of GDP that will be affected by the disruption for your chosen country.  These four variables are represented in red and the user can change them at will.  Its outputs are the real GDP growth rate for 2020 that results from your assumptions and the nominal cost of the disruption.

These costs account for the interruption of 2020 production that results from the coronavirus shock and its consequences (disruption of supply chains, lock-downs, closure of borders and so on).  They do not account for either the changes in investment plans, or for the bounce-back once the health crisis is over.